Settimo Piano launch TCL’s own-label smartphone

The global smartphone market continues to grow at a rate exceeding other tech consumer goods. Global smartphone production hit 401 million units in Q4 2019 showing a 2% YoY growth as compared to Q4 2018. The market is poised to grow by 64 million units between 2020 and 2024. The Italian market is in line with these international trends which indicate that the smartphone market continues to be the most important market within technical consumer goods.

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited (TCL Communication) manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of mobile and internet products and services worldwide. The company’s portfolio of products is currently sold in over 160 countries throughout the world using a multi-category and multi-brand approach. Well known for their TV’s, TCL is also one of the leading smartphone manufacturers globally through sales of its TCL, Alcatel and BlackBerry branded devices. Ilaria Zoli, Trade Marketing Manager at TLC, confirms, the main goal of the company is to expand the coverage of the territory as the resources for TCL are the winning forces. Four months ago TCL released its first own-brand smartphone, named TCL PLEX, into the market. TCL smartphone fits in the “mid- to upper-mid-range” end of the market, price- and feature-wise, and therefore do not compete against their other brands. PLEX is TCL’s first smartphone and was launched into the Italian market through major retail and specialist channels, including Mediaworld, Carrefour, Euronics, Coop Italia and through smaller specialist telecom stores. Last but not least TCL PLEX is also available through the largest e-commerce retailer, Amazon!
Settimo Piano has been TCL’s strategic marketing partner in Italy for over 15 years. Having first represented the Alcatel brand in 2005 and more recently the TCL brand itself since 2019, Settimo Piano have established themselves as an entrusted partner and helped TCL achieve their goals within the Italian market.
Settimo Piano have provided TCL with all their field marketing requirements, from the provision and training of Brand Ambassadors, reps and hostesses, to setting up loyalty programmes, promoting exhibitions, and merchandising sales points.
Settimo Piano has built up a network of Brand Ambassadors across Italy, allowing TCL to have a presence at hundreds of retail points throughout the country. Brand ambassadors assist promoters in carrying out TCL in-store promotions while also monitoring the campaign throughout Italy. Since TCL PLEX was launched in November, TCL has targeted several key sales points through which to market their product and monitor the competition. The Brand Ambassadors initially established and built relationships at the various points of sale and negotiated space for in-store activations and other POS materials. Ongoing tasks include maintaining relationships with store owners and employees and ensuring the product is reflected in the best possible manner through optimising in-store presence, merchandising and promotions. Settimo Piano Brand Ambassadors are also responsible for educating sales teams about TCL and Alcatel products to allow customers to make an informed purchasing decision.

After TCL’s initial launch of their PLEX smartphone, Settimo Piano was assigned the first promoter campaign, which was carried out in Q4 2019. Settimo Piano created and managed the entire campaign that was activated through Mediaworld and Euronics and attracted excellent media coverage throughout the Christmas period. On the back of the success of the first one, TCL has entrusted Settimo Piano with the next campaign to launch their new product in early 2020.

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