Settimo Piano focus on Employment of workers as the secret of success!

EFMP Italian Partner, Settimo Piano, understand that the cornerstone of effective and successful field marketing is the human connection. The face-to-face interaction between brand and customer can demonstrate how products are used or provide reassuring brand stories which create a connection with the buyer that cannot be underestimated, and it is this, that ultimately influences the consumers purchasing decision. 


Being aware of the importance of people to a business, Settimo Piano pay extremely close attention to the recruiting and training processes. Choosing the right people, developing effective management models, and building training courses are all key components to achieving business goals.


Having employees who are fully motivated and embrace the mission of the company is critical to success. 


However, finding the right talent is only the first step, the real challenge is to retain that talent by ensuring that they have adequate developmental plans and suitable employment contracts.


The employment contract is an important aspect that differentiates the staff working for Settimo Piano, as there is an employment contract drawn up for every employee.  To demonstrate the commitment to this Settimo Piano have been part of ANASFiM (Association National Agency of Service Field Marketing) for the last 10 years. The ANASFiM is the contract leader for field marketing and is recognized by the main Trade Unions and at Ministerial level as an instrument to combat the exploitation of "trade workers" and "contractual dumping" practices by commercial companies and services. 


The Association aims to ensure that workers' interests are respected but also that the interests of the marketing companies that constitute it are protected. The businesses which rely on the membership associations of ANASFiM can be certain that every action is done in compliance with the rules and regulations in force. Being part of this Association guarantees workers and businesses extreme protection and maximum safety.


Settimo Piano is an extremely active member of ANASFiM and it is with much pride that they announce that Founder and CEO of Settimo Piano, Davide Chiorrini Dezi has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors. This milestone achievement marks the recognition, by the associates of ANASFiM of the business competence and complete commitment and respect towards workers that Settimo Piano has always had.


Settimo Piano and ANASFiM are a winning combination for success!


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